Access Management 


CHANCE Management Advisors, Inc. (CMA) began using the term ACCESS MANAGEMENT over 30 years ago to describe the coordination of planning, implementing, integrating, and managing access related functions. While other firms use the term now, CMA pioneered the concept and has implemented it for many clients. 

The functions typically included in ACCESS MANAGEMENT are:

■ Traffic and circulation

■ Materials delivery and loading/unloading activity

■ Passenger loading/unloading activity

■ Public transportation

■ Alternative transportation (walking, biking, ridesharing)

■ Parking

■ Pedestrian circulation

■ Signs and guidance

■ Public information

■ Personal assistance


All of the functions listed are closely related and highly dependent on one another.  They operate as a system, even if they are not managed effectively as a system. 

To individuals seeking a destination, they are all part of a continuum of activity that either helps or hinders the ability to find a desired destination.

CMA believes a holistic approach to the consideration of all elements affecting access brings greater value to planning and operations, eliminates solutions that will not be successful, and avoids design mistakes that must be compensated for with more expensive operations. 

In short, ACCESS MANAGEMENT promotes the wise use resources and responsiveness to the ways in which individuals move to their destinations.