“So, where do you work again…?”


As I moved my graduation tassel from right to left on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, I pondered on what the future had in store for me.  Graduating from La Salle University, with a degree in Business Analytics and internships in pharmaceutical and energy industries, surely parking was not in my Rolodex of industries that I strived to join.  For us recent college graduates, it is often presumed that we will take the “bull by the horns” and strive to make a difference in society.  As crazy as that sounds, I had the ambition to make the world a better place, and honestly, I still have that fire within me.  However, I did not realize that this ambition would direct me to a parking consulting company such as CHANCE Management Advisors, Inc. (CMA). 

Months after my graduation, I was confronted by family and friends asking the same two questions: “Do you have a job?” and “Where do you work?”  While answering with: “Yes, I work in parking,” a sense of confusion came across their eyes, because many people are unaware that the parking industry even exists.  So many people believe that the parking industry consists of just valets and repainting lines.  Slowly but surely, however, I came to realize that the parking industry consists of many other facets.

As I am close to completing my third year with CMA and the parking industry, I cannot help but think about how the parking industry has allowed me to learn a diverse array of skillsets.  Some of these skillsets include:  planning alternative parking garage sites, researching and recommending technologies, and assisting with Public-Private Partnership financial projections and negotiations.  While working in a very skilled parking consultancy firm, I have grown familiar with a vast array of parking problems and solutions, all in a relatively quick manner.  I have come to realize that every parking issue is unique and there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution.

Thanks to the parking industry, I have had the opportunity to visit many different cities across the United States and meet many experienced parking professionals.  Reflecting back on my graduation moment, I have realized that the parking industry and working for CMA have allowed me to make a difference in society by offering clients my knowledgeable parking insights.  As the “relatively” new guy in parking, I am excited to learn more about the industry as well as assist both current and future clients with sustainable, yet economical, solutions that meet client and customer satisfaction. 

Cheers to many more parking years to come!

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Vincent Paul Mowad