"Sharing knowledge is both a gratifying and humbling experience.  Without a doubt, it's been the most enjoyable and rewarding part of my parking career."   

---- Joe Sciulli, CAPP, VP and Senior Operations Consultant

CMA believes that employee education is a bridge to improved operational effectiveness, enhanced service delivery and employee job satisfaction. 

With instructional experience in a wide range of topics, Barbara Chance, Ph.D. and Joe Sciulli, CAPP have developed and delivered highly customized educational programs geared to employees of on- and off-street municipal parking organizations, as well as regional and national parking organizations comprising university and commercial / private members.

A former university professor, Barbara taught the management module for the International Parking Institute's CAPP training program for over 20 years.  She also has facilitated educational forums for numerous elected officials and leadership forums for parking executives and program managers.

Joe's experience over 30+ years in parking includes the development of single and multi-day educational programs geared to front line and analytical staff, as well as field supervisors, operations managers and program directors. 

Whether you are engaged in on- or off-street parking operations, and supervise a handful of employees or a 500-person organization, CMA can tailor an educational program to meet your specific needs.


A Sampling of CMA's Educational Services

■ Educational needs assessment for an organization

■ Parking management essentials

■ Managing change — in your functions or organization

■ Customer service refreshers for field personnel, supervisors and office staff

■ Identifying and tracking key performance indicators

■ Parking survey planning, execution, analysis and reporting

■ Developing an operational productivity plan

■ Supervisory effectiveness

■ Organizational leadership forums

■ Public stakeholder forums

■ On-street revenue auditing