CMA has been in the forefront of improving parking and transportation management for over 33 years. As the industry has matured, and parking organizations have taken on more and varied responsibilities, it has become even more important for organizations to have the ability to optimize the use of their existing resources in serving their parking and transportation customers, as well as shaping policies and programs to meet changes in the future.

Improved management may take many forms. It may be achieved through the assessment of, and recommendations for, improvements to parking and transportation policies, organizational structure, operating procedures, and employee development. Tailored education to develop management approaches and techniques is also helpful. Developing the quantitative tools to understand existing operations and plan for the future is essential. The services listed below are focused on better management for better results.


■ Assessment of organizational structure suitability and distribution of functions

■ Strength, weakness, opportunity and threat (SWOT) analyses

■ Standard operating procedures (SOP) review and/or development

■  Management / operations contract document assessment

■ Employee education and development strategies

■ Internal communication and public relations assessments

■ Development of performance indicators and monitoring techniques

■ Public information technology reviews

■ Preparation of position descriptions and methods of performance assessment

■ Operational reviews and reporting processes