Off-Street Parking Operations   

Since its founding in 1984, CMA has been deeply involved in supporting off-street parking management efforts for its university, hospital, municipal and business clients.  Whether providing financial forecasting, design review services or developing operator contract specifications, CMA has earned an outstanding reputation for offering independent, objective advice to parking owners. 

Parking is the first impression that many visitors have of a campus, a downtown, or an office building. How it operates, how it looks, the quality of service, and the payment processes are all part of the experience that may be positive or negative. Further, for many owners, the parking may be generating more money per square foot than the main function it serves!

While garages are typically sturdy concrete buildings, their maintenance is crucial to their longevity. And as with all maintenance, it is “pay me some now, or pay me a lot later.” A good maintenance protocol needs to be followed by the owner or by the owner’s operator, but this is often overlooked.

If your facilities and operations could benefit from some attention, look through our services below.


■ Operator RFP Development

■ Operator contract review

■ Maintenance protocol development

■ Customer service assessment and refreshers

■ Access control system definitions / functional statements

■ Procurement support including bid evaluations

■ Operational audits for owners or operators

■ Supply and demand analysis

■ Financial feasibility forecasts, revenue and expense projections for new or existing facilities

■ Parking rate development

■ Demand forecasting

■ Site selection evaluations

■ Signs and wayfinding assessment

■ Design review services