On-Street Parking Operations

Extensive, first-hand operations experience by CMA principals enables the firm to provide unparalleled consulting services in all facets of on-street parking management.

As Philadelphia’s first Director of On-Street Parking, Barbara J. Chance, Ph.D., was responsible for orchestrating the City's consolidated (single responsibility center) on-street parking program “from the ground up”.  Barbara merged the staffing and operations from over a dozen separate municipal agencies into one of the first parking management programs in the nation. 

Vice President and Senior Operations Consultant Joseph P. Sciulli, CAPP, continued Barbara's foundational work as a private firm's management consultant to the Philadelphia Parking Authority's on-street program for over 15 years.  During this time, Joe worked side by side with PPA managers and staff in helping to implement a comprehensive system of program analysis, employee education and performance monitoring.  His on-street work has continued with CMA's municipal clients both nationally and internationally, with a focus on parking planning, organization and financial analyses.

So whether you are seeking an in-depth organizational assessment or operational review, or a less-intensive "check-up" of the general health of your on-street parking program, CMA's expertise can be focused on your program's specific needs through a broad spectrum of advisory services, as indicated below.


■ Official / expert testimony

■ Key Performance Indicator development

■ Draft legislation for new/updated programs

■ Information system assessment

■ Regulations, rates and fines review

■ Permit parking program development

■ Meter planning, collection and security assessments

■ Balancing on- and off-street rates and use

■ Budget assessment and development

■ Organizational analysis and staffing review

■ Parking Activity Surveys, supervision and analysis

■ Standard Operating Procedures

Public Information campaigns

■ Employee education

■ Parking fine and fee analysis

■ Enforcement operations assessment

■ Patrol beat design, deployment strategies