CMA provides parking and transportation master and strategic planning services to a wide range of clients, from Universities and Medical Centers to governmental entities and private developers. CMA prepares stand-alone parking and transportation plans, but also works in concert with larger master planning efforts. Our planning services encompass the full range of issues and activities that support our access management philosophy.

We don’t focus solely on vehicular transportation because we understand the need to plan for multiple ways of arriving at a destination, as well as moving within it. This viewpoint takes into consideration the planning, use, and integration of public transit, alternative transportation modes (ridesharing, bicycles, TCM vehicles), parking, pedestrian movement, sign and graphic guidance systems, logistics (deliveries, service vehicle use, fire and safety) and public information.

Our strategic plans provide guidance for getting from “here to there” — from the existing circumstances to the desired state. These plans typically include tasks, responsible parties, anticipated costs, and the schedule required for accomplishment.


■ Review of facilities master plans and incorporation of parking, transportation, and access analysis and solutions

■ Administration of surveys to document parking and transportation patterns

■ Balancing parking and alternative transportation to meet access needs

■ Evaluation of existing entrances, drop-off points, and distribution of activities

■ Determination of existing parking supply, demand, and use, as well as supply and demand issues for the future

■ Evaluation of vehicular and pedestrian access and circulation

■ Planning for temporary or permanent displacement of parking due to construction of other facilities

■ Design of access systems for new developments or refined systems for renovated buildings and facilities