Privatization (P3)

Privatization of parking assets, or the concession of parking to a Public-Private Partnership (P3), continues to occur in higher education and government.  Since parking is often a revenue source, it is a target for processes to raise capital for a variety of uses.

CMA has played several roles for its clients in this relatively new version of cooperation between public and private entities.  One role is the analysis of existing and potential revenues and expenses to determine whether parking assets in a particular circumstance will be attractive to private financial groups for a multi-year concession.  A second role is advising an institution or government entity as it enters into the concession-seeking process and assesses the value of its assets, how to separate them from the rest of the institution, and the effects of those changes on land, long-term planning, personnel, and finances.  The third role is working with a private investment group to determine the value of parking assets, the nature of existing and desired future operations, transition tasks, and the changes necessary to increase the long-term value and performance of the assets.

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